Assistance of dependent and / or disabled people throughout his life will be completely personalized. The overall consideration of various bio-psycho-social factors means that there are never two situations alike. Therefore, the main factor of our success resides in customizing the assistance and the offered solutions.

We evaluate each person and his/her needs
Real improvement of personal autonomy
Adaptation in the house and support products based on the evolution
Working with the caregiver in cases of high dependence
Evaluation report and solutions

Types of tours in the CVI

Diagnostic visits
This is the tour carried out by the multidisciplinary team of the center. During this visit the interview you will have an interview with the social worker a subsequent evaluation of support products the most adequate professionals. At the end of the different diagnostic visits, the CVI team makes a report where they specify the products that will facilitate your autonomy.
Home visit
The CVI team evaluates the real home environment of the person to adjust the needed products and personalize your home.
Training visits
Some products require to learn how to use them. An example of this would be the lifts; the CVI performs these visits to give advice to users, family members and caregivers.
Orientation visit
A visit for family members to get to know the center and see some of the existing solutions and at the same time get to know the center.

They are more independent

My name is Emilia, I’m 39 years old and I have cerebral palsy, in order to live independently at home with every possible comfort I decided to contact CVI 3 years ago, because I needed some advice to know about the improvements that could be made in my place. Professionals from the Center recommended me to change the bathtub for a shower, to reform the kitchen in order to furniture more comfortably and install a dishwasher, as well as getting a food cutting board and wheeled cart to carry the food. To be more independent they suggested that I’d buy a walker for more confidence on my longer walks outdoors.


I found out about the CVI through a neighbor that I found on the street with a walker that I had never seen. She could sit, take the shopping bags with her and it was easy to use. She told me about the center, and recommended me to try their products and the support they provided. I had trouble walking down the street, to bend down and put my socks and shoes on (I used a larger size of shoes)… And I couldn’t fine whenI talked to my son on the phone. I always had it with me but I couldn’t hear what he was saying.

I got an appointment in the CVI and it really helped me to test the products they had in the center. Since then, my life has really improved, and now I can easily get dressed, I can put my socks on and I wear shoes that are my size. I have a phone that is easy to use, it just has four keys. At home they have provided me with equipment to hear the doorbell better thanks to a light that warns me. I am definitely more independent, I feel safer at home and when I go down the street with the walker.